Window into previous 40 Days:

40 Days of Waiting

To commence our 40 Days of Waiting, we hosted our first in-person event at the Church.

Our pilot service was on Sunday the 13th September and was a ticketed event only. ​


We are using the Life of Joseph as the biblical narrative for Sunday services:


Prep week: The test of waiting - Sunday 6th September - Tim Cracknell - Watch this message


Week 1: What are you waiting for? - Sunday 13th September - Tim Cracknell - Joseph had a God given dream - Genesis 37:5-11 -                                                                                                                                                                                   Watch this message


Week 2: Maturity grows through waiting - Sunday 20th September - Mike Taylor - Genesis 37 & 39 - Watch this message


Week 3: The patient work of restoring relationships - Sunday 27th September - Tim Cracknell - Watch this message

                                                                                                                                 Joseph and his brothers - Genesis 42-45:1-4


Week 4: Witnessing as you wait - Sunday 4th October - Tim Cracknell - Joseph witnessing wherever he was - Watch this message


Week 5: Pausing to wonder - Sunday 11th October - Tim Cracknell - Watch this message


Week 6: The legacy of waiting well - Sunday 18th October - Mike Taylor - Watch this message

Some of the things that have happened during our 40 Days of Waiting:

  • We looked at the life of Joseph in the Sunday morning messages throughout the 40 Days programme.

  • On Sunday 13th September there was a pilot service at 7.15pm at the church.  This was a ticketed event due to Covid19 restrictions. The service was attended by 16 people in person, plus another 6 via Zoom. 

  • Homegroups were reshaped to enable the numbers to be smaller in each group.  Some were meeting via Zoom and some in person in the church building.

  • There were opportunities for optional personal reflections on the lives of various Biblical characters, see below.

  • There was a team working with the children consisting of Geri, Vilma, Sue, Jane and Angie during the 40 Days.

  • There was a 5 minute kid’s slot each week with Joel and Maggie.

  • There have been surprise boxes delivered to each family with activities enclosed for the children to do.  Photos of these activities were taken and shown in our opening slideshows.

  • There has been a ‘Memory Verse’: Psalm 37:7a for the children to learn.

  • There was a 40 Days Online Quiz on Saturday 19th September at 7pm via Zoom. It was a great success and there may be others scheduled for the future – watch this space.

  • There was a Kid’s Break Out room during Coffee & Chat each week after the service for the children to meet with each other and their leaders.

  • Hour of Worship: October 25th Sunday evening (Zoom). Tim Williams and Fiona. Contact:

  • There has been an art collaboration project. All church families were invited to create a 5”x5” piece of artwork based on the question, “What does it feel like to wait on God?” This could be done on paper, card, fabric and the limit was your imagination!! If you needed help/inspiration/clarification - contact Kate at

40 days reflective.jpg

For this week beginning 11th October, the subject for reflective material is Jesus waiting 30 years before starting his public ministry (Luke 3:23).

Each week of 40 Days we are giving a Reflective challenge for all who wish to engage with it. We will give you a bible character for you to explore and see how God used waiting in their lives. If you are able, we would encourage you to write up 2 or 3 short paragraphs on each person reflecting on questions like:

  • How did they feel as they waited?

  • What struggles did they experience along the way?

  • What kept their spirits up? Describe times when they seemed to lose heart. 

Try and put yourself in their shoes.

  • How would you have coped?

  • What area would you have found most difficult?

If you are feeling brave you could write up your reflections on the church 40 Days of Waiting Facebook page.  

Collaborative Art Work

As part of our 40 days of waiting, we would love everyone to contribute to a collaborative art work that will be displayed in the church building. 


Anyone, of any age, can contribute a 5”x5” piece of artwork based on the question,

“What does it feel like to wait on God?”

This can be done on paper, card, fabric, or anything else, using any materials you like.

The limit is only your imagination! It can be figurative or abstract, flat or relief. 


See the image on the right for a few examples, which will hopefully inspire you and give you an idea of what we are thinking of and get your creative juices flowing.


If you need any help or clarification please contact Kate at

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