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‘Hark the Herald Angels sing’

Download the words here

Welcome to the Cinderford Sings project, where we’d like as many people as possible from our community to sing a carol together.

Thank you so much for your interest in taking part.


The carol is ‘Hark the Herald Angels sing’.


Here’s how we’d like you to make your recording and send it in to us:


  1. Watch the YouTube clip above, provided by Fiona.

  2. Please use the words provided in the download link above.

  3. Please play the backing track through headphones so you hear it to sing along to: 


  4. When you record yourself, please use a different device, because what we’re after at this stage is just the sound of you singing without also hearing the backing track.

  5. Please don’t record the video in portrait, turn your device sideways so we can have it in landscape.

  6. Please complete and use this form to upload and submit your recording here by 13th December.


If you're coming in as part of a community group, we'd love to feature your group. Perhaps you’d like to wear your uniforms? But we’re still asking you to send your videos recorded as individuals, rather than singing together in your group,  because of the health risks of singing together during this pandemic. We'll put your group’s recordings together on screen when we edit it together. Please don't sing physically in person with anyone not in your household, please don't take any health risks, and keep all the social distancing rules!


Finally,  please only submit a recording if you're happy to have it used on social media, such as our website and Facebook pages, and the carol services which will go out on Facebook and YouTube on 19th and 20th December 2020.

And, if you're under 18, we'll also need to receive parental permission to use your recording.


Again, thank you!


Fiona Taylor

Forest Community Church




Let’s Sing Together


Thanks for submitting!

Any questions or difficulty uploading your file, please email:, or use the submit form: