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Days and Times:


1. See more - Superheroes, Tuesdays @ 7:30pm on Zoom
2. See more - Encouragement Toolkit, Tuesdays @ 7:30pm on Zoom
3. See more - Creative Psalms, Wednesdays @ 7:30pm on Zoom
4. See more - Deciphering Ephesians, Fridays @ 7:30pm on Zoom

5. See more - Finding God in Creation, Thursdays @ 7pm on Zoom
    and at various outdoor locations in the Forest for socially distanced walks

Please email Mike Taylor, to confirm which Summer Group you would like to attend and we will send you the Zoom link: 



Summer Groups are set to commence week beginning 10th August.

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Option 1: Is it a bird, is it a plane? No! it's Jesus Christ!

TIME: 7:30pm

Everyone loves a superhero, and tales of bravery and impossible odds, superpowers, evil villains, with the goodies triumphing over the baddies. But isn't Jesus greater than any superhero ever dreamed of? Let's take a light-hearted look into examples of movie superheroes and what they can remind us about Jesus, and what Jesus can ultimately teach them about "saving the world".

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Option 2: Building an Encouragement Toolkit

TIME: 7:30pm

To help one another to be a “Monday morning Christian”.
To learn from each other, God and the Bible and collect ideas together.
To produce a simple “go to encouragement toolkit” that we can use to encourage ourselves and others in our journey of faith.

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Option 3: Getting Creative in the Psalms

TIME: 7:30pm

Using the Psalms as a basis for reflecting on and with a creative response to:
* Who God is
* Who I am
* The past
* The future

The idea is to give people the time and space to reflect, share ideas, and respond in a creative way of their choice: writing a prayer, writing out a verse, rewriting the psalm in your own words, drawing, painting, collage, clay, poetry, photography, digital tools ...

The emphasis is on the reflecting, and the process of creating in supporting that, rather than on a finished product. It isn't just for women, and there is no expectation of any art skills.

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Option 4: Deciphering Ephesians

TIME: 7:30pm

* What is Paul getting at when he says we are 'Alive in Christ?'
* When he talks about 'Jews and Gentiles' what could this mean for us and the church today?

Paul's letters can be a tricky read, with complex language and densely packed ideas. We'll spend some time breaking it down and digging deeper.

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Option 5: Finding God in Creation

TIME: 7:00pm
DELIVERY: Zoom and at various outdoor locations in the Forest for socially distanced walks

Prayer walks to include a Lectio Divina.

We will go for walks at beautiful locations, look at some scripture, and stop at various points and at the end of the walk, for prayer and for folks to share any thoughts of what they felt God was showing them.