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SUNDAY GATHERING: If you have not been to Church for a while, Forest Community is for you. We try to make it easy for you to come and discover the encouragement and hope that comes from connecting with God. That way you can experience the music, encouraging messages, warmth, friendliness and enjoyable atmosphere that make up the Community Church.


The service starts at 10.30am each Sunday with everyone being together in the main church for songs of worship, prayers, video clips and other features. One of our pastors or other gifted speakers will bring a message during which the children will go to age-related groups to receive fun, engaging interactive lessons from experienced Sunday teachers.


We don’t take offerings during the service as we want you to come and receive, not feel obligated to give. We do, however, have a box by the door for regular attenders who want to give to help support the church to maintain all the great work that takes place each week. If you would like to give online, please see our bank details here.


On your first visit you are bound to have questions:  How do I get there? What should I wear?  Will my kids enjoy it? What will it be like?


The Community Church is a friendly place made up of individuals and families of all ages and backgrounds, where people make you feel at ease and welcome. You will find that the music is up-beat and the messages are practical. Each week we look at real life issues that help you throughout the week. We want you to connect with God, who gives personal hope and practical help for living. We are more concerned with helping you in your needs than what you wear. So just come in what you feel comfortable so that you can relax. Most people come in casual dress.


We know that, like the Apostle Paul said, the Church is a body made up of many different parts, all with our own part to play. That's why we have a great team of people who all play their part to make sure that FCC is a healthy and thriving Church. You can meet some of us below.


Tim is our Founding Pastor, part of the Senior Leadership Team and is on our Board of Trustees. He's married to Katrina and is a former dairy farmer who still finds time to help out on the family farm. If that wasn't enough, Tim also works part time for Counties UK.


Katrina heads up our pastoral care team in the church and is involved in mentoring and teaching refugees in our community. She also keeps Tim in check as his wife. She is a member of our Neighbourhood Chaplains.


Aderyn is part of our Senior Leadership Team and on our Board of Trustees. She is the Development and Digital Director for the church, co-leads the Youth Team, part of the Worship Team and a Small Group Leader. Married to Scott with two young girls, she also finds time to run her own business in natural oils.


Jon is part of the Senior Leadership Team, on our Board of Trustees, Small Group Leader, part of the Youth Team, a Church Trustee and Head of Technical Support.


Steve is married to Angela, is one of our Board of Trustees and is part of the Welcome Team in Ross.


Lin is our head of catering and keeps us all well fed. She is one of our Board of Trustees and is also a member of our Neighbourhood Chaplains.


Scott is our Men’s Ministry Team Leader, runs our weekly Men's Bible Study, Cave Time and Christianity Explored Course and is a Small Group Leader. He is married to Aderyn and they have two girls. He runs the Wednesday evening church football club.


Rosie heads up our great team of musicians, is also a Small Group Leader and is part of the Youth Team.


Angela is married to Steve and is part of the Welcome Team in Ross.


Niki heads up our Welcome Team and leads the Newcomers Course and Sanctuary Course. She runs the Wednesday evening church football club.


Alisa is one of our Trustees and co-leads our very popular online FB group, Creation Watch.


Michelle is part of our Sunday Children's Ministry team and is on our Board of Trustees. She is married to Tim, with four children.


Robin co-leads our Youth Ministry and is part of our Sunday Children's Ministry team. He is married to Clare and they have two young children.


Phil is our Operations Team Leader in charge of church maintenance and is part of our Welcome team.


Lizzie is one of our worship leaders.


Tim is married to Michelle, is part of our Worship Team, runs our Hour of Worship and is part of our Sunday Children's Ministry team.


Paige runs our well attended “bumps and babies” group called Humbugs. It takes place on Thursdays during term-times at our Cinderford location.


David looks after our website, the church admin, including the church diary and is our photographer.


Richard together with Sue oversees our Small Groups and lead a group. Oh…he is also a mad Watford fan!


Sue is our vastly experienced Children’s Ministry team leader. Married to Richard they oversee our Small Groups.


Eunice is one of our core team members on the ground at our Ross location. She is also a member of the M4 Training programme.


Andy is one of our core team members on the ground at our Ross location. A keen guitarist, he is on the worship team and he is also a member of the M4 Training programme.


Nigel is our safeguarding coordinator. Married to Angie having spent much of their lives on the south coast.


Angie is part of our Children’s Ministry team and is on our Welcome team. She leads Craft Connect.


Christine is a small group leader with her husband Matt and they also run the RESOLVE course. She is our church treasurer and manages the church Payroll system.


Moira is part of our Pastoral prayer team at FCC, in our local community, hospitals and schools. She is part of our Sunday Children's Ministry team and is a member of our Neighbourhood Chaplains.


Pat is a member of our Pastoral and Welcome Teams. She is also a member of our Neighbourhood Chaplains.


Jeff is a member of our Welcome Team and makes sure that our facilities are up to scratch. He is a member of our Neighbourhood Chaplains.

He is married to Pat.


Matt is a small group leader with Christine and they also run the RESOLVE course.


Come and join us on our journey.

The closure of a Church in Station Street in 1999 could have resulted in the building being sold off and lost to the community but God had other ideas. Church leaders from Newent, a town north of the Forest were keen to maintain the Christian witness in Cinderford and commissioned Tim and Katrina Cracknell to replant the Church with its launch in 2006.


Tim and Katrina didn't know what to expect. All they had was a dream to start a different kind of Church for the area, targeting those who didn't go to Church. A dream of a place where everyone, including the hurting, the depressed, the frustrated and the confused could find love, acceptance, hope, help and encouragement. A small nucleus soon gathered including a handful of 80+ year olds who were the remnant from the closed Church, another family of 5 and Tim and Katrina. A decade later things are very different! The Church has continued to grow and get younger with each year as new families have joined the vibrant community of faith and many lives have been changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Yes God is at work in the Forest of Dean!


Initially the original Church building was refurbished at a cost of £150,000. No mean feat considering there was only £400 in the funds when the project started! As numbers grew it soon became clear that the small building and lack of parking rendered the premises unsuitable for Sunday morning services. The church then moved for Sunday mornings up to the Forest High School which kindly allowed us to use its Spotlight Theatre for 7 years whilst at the same time during the week the old building in Station Street became a hive of activity hosting various events each week. The key focus for the Church has been to be a genuine community of faith which is active in its own local community.

In 2016 the Lord opened the way for 2 Parragate Road property to be purchased, which adjoins the old Church building in Station Street. This was a wonderful answer to prayer and the £300,000 project saw the transformation of the newly purchased site into a spacious car park, complete with two substantial portacabins for extra room space and internal modifications were also made to the original church building. This has enabled Sunday services to be moved back to the Station Street Church site and opened up an exciting new chapter in the story of the Forest Community Church.