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Lizzie interviewed Yaz our FirstServe intern, who has been with us for the past couple of months.  Yaz shared she is off to Rome for two months in January to work with refugees and will be joining us again in April.  She has really enjoyed being part of Wellness Wednesdays, the Youth Group and leading worship.  Please pray that God will use her and bless her as she continues her internship - 20th December - watch


Testimonies: We hear from a number of our church members:

  • When did you become a Christian?

  • What is the biggest difference it has made?
    19th December - watch


Paige interviewed Sue and Richard Angell who moved to English Bicknor from Watford just before Lockdown in March.  Sue is involved in the children’s work in the church and Richard, who is a scientist, did a question-and-answer session with Mike Taylor on Covid19 several months ago.  Richard and Sue will be temporary overseers of the Homegroups while Mike and Fiona are on sabbatical - 13th December - watch


Mike and Fiona are interviewed by Paige: Paige returned this week to interview Mike and Fiona about their 12-month period of serving on the leadership team and their forthcoming sabbatical.  We wish to thank them for all their hard work and creative energy over the past year and hope they manage to enjoy some well-earned R&R at the beginning of 2021 - 6th December - watch

Katrina interviewed Fiona who shared her coping mechanisms to get through difficult times 8 years ago when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

#1 was an acrostic of STOP:

  • S = Slow down

  • T = Thank God for the good things in your life

  • O = concentrate on One thing at a time

  • P = be aware of the Presence of God with you.

#2 was to dance and in this she found freedom and release.

#3 was that God reminded her of her identity in Christ and that she was perfectly and unconditionally loved - 15th November - watch


Paige interviewed Niki who told us about her time of waiting. "It all started with a dream, a vision, a hope."

She shared her experience of waiting to move into her dream house. God gave her a glimpse of the house when she was working in the church garden in 2017 and she then embarked on a journey which resulted in her selling her own house and renting the renovated church house. The process was not a quick one and involved lots of waiting as the house was made ready but Niki discovered when God asks you to trust much, he gives much. Her advice was to “Keep on keeping on!” when obstacles arise and it seems like nothing is happening - 18th October - watch


Lizzie interviewed Paige who shared how she experienced the tragic bereavement of her fiancée, Mike, when she was just 23 and still at Uni and it felt like her future had been taken away from her.  She then went through a desert period of grieving as she adjusted to life as a single person while her friends got married and moved on.  She had to wait for God to bring the right person into her life which was very difficult to do but eventually she met Luke.  Paige shared that she learnt that God doesn’t need our help to work things out and that his timing is perfect.  She also shared that when the ocean of grief seems impossible to cross just keep going; share with friends, keep going through the motions of life and you will finally get to the other side - 11th October - watch


Paige interviewed Aderyn who explained how difficult she found it to wait for her husband, Scott, to become a Christian.  She recounted a time when they were in a church in America and she spent the whole service desperately praying for Scott to meet with God but felt God saying to her that she needed to focus on her own relationship with God so that she could be a living example to Scott of God’s love - 4th October - watch

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