We firmly believe that one of the best ways of showing God's love for us, is to reflect that love openly with those around us.  We endeavour to do this through our ministries both in and around our immediate community of the Forest of Dean.


Sometimes a smile, a "Hello" or a chance for someone to talk with, is all that people require. Others need more.  We don't judge. We don't discriminate - we simply try to act as Jesus would.


Below, we invite you to browse through just some of the many Ministries at FCC. There may be something that

inspires you, there may be something that you think could help you, whatever you're looking for we hope you'll join us.


We're all about discipleship and seeing lives changed by the radical gospel of Jesus. Whether you are just starting out on your journey to get to know Jesus or you have been a Christian for years, we have a course for you to help you mature in your faith.

Photo: Words of wisdom from Martin Erwin (Counties UK)


We take Jesus seriously. Really seriously. When He said to go into all the world and proclaim the good news we believe Him and that's why Mission, whether locally or abroad, is pivotal to the work of FCC.

Photo: Hosiana enjoying her meal with the other kids

at the Drop-in-Centre.

Welcome to the Autumn edition of FISCH Food!

children's Ministry

At FCC we believe reaching and nurturing children is just as important as the Adult life of the Church so that means we have lots going on for children. To find out more click the link below.

Child Protection Safeguarding Policy 

Photo: Esmae enjoying her ice-cream during our FUN weekend.

Community Work

Community is at the very heart of what we do at FCC. Whether it's working in the local schools, running courses, praying in the local hospitals, building the Christmas Nativity float or being there in times of need, we are passionate about those God has placed around us.

Photo: Christmas Nativity Float

Men's Ministry

Often Christians are seen as weak and that the Church is out of touch with the real world, but we don't believe that. We enable the Men of FCC to live radically transformed and adventurous lives for Jesus where compromise on His Gospel is not an option.

Scott Taylor 07429146928 scott@fcchurch.co.uk.

Women's Ministry

Our vision is that we might encourage one another, as women, in our walk with Jesus by living bold lives in the truth that we see revealed in scripture.

Photo: Kate, Jane, Sue and Angie, all of whom help with ministries in a variety of ways.