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Women's ministry

Our vision is that we might encourage one another, as women, in our walk with Jesus by living bold lives in the truth that we see revealed in scripture.

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G.I.F.T. Monthly Monday Meeting

19th of February GIFT evening in our Wye Location

18th of March GIFT evening in our Forest Location

G.I.F.T. Brunch

20th of January at our Forest Location 

Book in Via ChurchSuite

20th of April  – Location TBC

G.i.f.t. Retreat

Friday 24th to Saturday 25th November 2023

Viney Hill Christian Adventure Centre

Watch the Women's Retreat Roundup here.


G.i.f.t. Walk

Our Last Walk Was Wednesday 11th October 9:30 am

at The Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail,

followed by coffee and cake at Beechenhurst


for information about other G.I.F.T. events.

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