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We firmly believe that one of the best ways of showing God's love for us, is to reflect that love openly with those around us.  We endeavour to do this through our ministries both in and around our immediate community of the Forest of Dean.


Sometimes a smile, a "Hello", or a chance for someone to talk with, is all that people require. Others need more.  We don't judge; we don't discriminate - we simply try to act as Jesus would.


Below are our regular community events that help us express Jesus love in real and practical ways.

Commonground Community Café
CommonGround Overall

Common Ground Community Café opens its doors on Tuesday in Cinderford and Thursday in Ross from 10am to 12 noon for everyone and anyone who would like to enjoy a hot drink and company.

We are a registered 'Warm Space' so come along and stay cosy this winter. Warm space link.

You can also charge your mobile phone on us!

Our Neighbourhood Chaplains Team are always on-hand to chat, provide a hot drink, support and pray, if you need them.

32. Foodbank.jpg

Working in conjunction with the Trussell Trust, a foodbank operates out of the Forest Location to support people who go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income. The Foodbank provides a minimum of three days emergency food and support to people experiencing a time of crisis.


If you find yourself in a time of crisis and in need of help you are not alone and we have people who are available to help you.


Opening time:

Thursday 1 - 3pm


28. FYCC Football.jpg

This takes place on Wednesday evenings from 8pm - 9pm at Freedom Leisure Centre in Cinderford.



allchurches trust limited

“We are grateful and offer sincere thanks to the AllChurches Trust, as we have been accepted as recipients for the AllChurches Trust grant “Hope Beyond”. This much needed grant will enable us to extend our online work and to further invest our resources for the benefit of the Forest of Dean, Wye Valley and beyond.


Despite all the pain and loss, the pandemic has given churches an opportunity to stop, evaluate and press the reset button and therefore move forward with renewed hope. We are determined not to just simply go back to pick up where we left off and do all the same church activities. Lockdown church gave us the opportunity to move forward in new directions and we have found many of them surprisingly fruitful. Recently we have been prayerfully reviewing how we can incorporate some of the learnings from lockdown into everyday church.


Two areas of development:

1. Blended church (in person and online church) – we are investing in people and equipment to build our online presence as a way of drawing those we would never reach through other means to engage with us and find faith in Jesus at the same time as our ‘in person’ church (see Forest Community Church website, YouTube, Facebook & Instagram pages). Over last 12 months we have seen people become Christians, join church and run online Christianity Explored courses.

2. Greater community engagement – during lockdown we were able to feed several hundred hot meals to deprived families in cooperation with a local school. This has opened further doors for us into the community to show the love of Christ. We are also excited to be running our donation only community groups: Common Ground Café, Humbugs for bumps and babies, Koffee and Kidz, The Bridge Youth Group, Neighbourhood Chaplains and more to come! These together with our online groups are starting to serve the community in new practical ways.


The pandemic reset has given us renewed optimism for the future and a hope beyond this challenging time.


Thank you!”

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