Our aim is to provide various ways for guys to get together, do fun stuff, and also discuss matters of life and faith. Our Men's Ministry aims to make opportunities to get out and meet more men, create connections with friends and work colleagues in a fun and relaxed way.

cave time

Fridays from 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm online.

We have taken to modern technologies to continue meeting from the safety of our homes. I pray that you are all safe and able to see Gods blessings in your lives.

If any of the men in our Church would like to join us on Friday nights (using Zoom online video call) then please get in touch with me. I can also help guide you through using the video calling system if you haven’t used it. My contact details are:

Scott Taylor 07429146928

Men's Night


If anyone has any ideas, Jeff would love to hear them.

Contact: Jeff Osborne 01594 845419

Don’t forget you can bring any male over 18 to any of the men’s nights. Jeff loves joiners! (JESUS WAS A JOINER)

That’s his joke for the week!


Photo from Men's Night table tennis evening.