Whilst we value every single member of our church family, our children are so important to us and our community.


To be able to give guidance and advice on developing a relationship with God is a wonderful gift and we take this opportunity with gratitude and with a programme of encouragement and nurturing.


Faith is so personal, so deep, that the foundations that are laid need to be rooted in the Word and we aim to create an atmosphere of questioning, learning and fun in all our youth ministries, that introduce young people to God in a way that is unpressured and unhurried.  Quite simply, we give examples of our faith through testimony, through Bible study and by generating an environment free from prejudice and judgement where they can flourish, find their own feet and find God's way for their life.

Child Protection Safeguarding Policy 


Our children (7-13) meet on Sundays during the gathering and on Fridays in term-time from 7-8:30pm at the Cinderford Location.


Contact for more information.


The team is run by our experienced team of children’s workers.

Kid's Sunday Club is for children from pre-school to end of primary school age.

They meet every Sunday during the gathering at the Cinderford Location.

Contact Sue for more information on how to join:


Forest Humbugs is on Thursdays during term-time 10.30 - 12.30.


A Bumps & Babies Group at the Cinderford Location.

Contact Paige for more information on how to join: