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Welcome to a New Start, New Hope, New Life

Brilliant!  You have taken the first step on your journey.  Simply by visiting this page you have acknowledged that there are issues in your life that you want to address.  Well, you are not alone!


Over 700,000 people in 20,000 churches all around the World are using Celebrate Recovery to find the peace that can only be found through the Grace of God. This programme of Christ-centred teaching can help you find that same peace.


We meet on Wednesday evenings in the main Church building. The evening starts with refreshments and the meeting starts with the first worship song at 19.15 hrs. Feel free to come and join us for tea/coffee or soft drinks if you feel this programme may help you with your recovery support needs.

Celebrate Recovery is cancelled until further notice.

Celebrate Recovery 12 Steps and Biblical Comparisons

Download pdf here.

Eight Recovery Principles based on the BEATITUDES by Rick Warren


Download pdf here.

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